Ursa Major




In the south hemisphere
In the north hemisphere
There's a big shining bear
White shining bear.
Lie in cold August air
Lie on the sand and stare
Up high you'll see out there
White shining bear.

If you go search the light
If you go on and fight
Sleep and stay up all night
You'll see it bright.
If you lose your way
If you end up astray
Don't hesitate - up there
You'll find it always there.

Dive up, high up in night sky
Give up,and somersault there
Climb up the starry stairs
Right to the shining bear.

Get imponderable
Turn where you want to sway and
Don't be afraid to say
What never has been said

Waves crash and slide and dangle
drops fly in different angles
Stars fall and rise like sea tide
There's just nowhere to hide

Space swirls, waves rise and fall
Dance goes just on and on
Don't yield to giddines
Look for your asterism

In the south hemisphere
In the north hemisphere
Up, down and everywhere
You'll find - it's always there

Big scoop of glowing stars
So close and yet so far
Keep up with meteors
You'll reach it and find more


from Your No, released March 30, 2014




ANDROMEDA EYE Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

Andromeda Eye is a Ukrainian-Russian new-wave project with music rooted back in the 80s. Atmospheric and, at the same time, dance melodies and lyrics telling about flying into space, finding other worlds and travelling through dreams.
Nightchild A. (from Donetsk, Ukraine the NIGHTCHILD, SOCIOPHOBIA) - music
Marie Himmelsweit (from Moscow, Russia Puppet Lane) -lyrics, vocal
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