Your No




- Directory Enquiries, which Galaxy, please?
- Starlight Galaxy 2785466
- It's 2045 light-years and the way is free right now.
- Thanks, I'm heading on then.

The closest ones, you know,
That make you feel alone
That make you feel yourself a fool
That make you feel your number's null.
The closest ones with weapons out
They like to give commands out loud
They make you insecure
You constantly endure

Your No is your engine
Your No is your fire
Your No makes them writhe
You kill their desire

Your No is your engine
Your No is your fire
Your No makes is your poison
You kill their desire

The farthest brightest stars
They died so long ago
They'll never give you scars
They don't need "yes" or "no"
The farthest silent skies
Embrace you with their winds
You look for paradise
It's where you lost your wings

- Directory Enquiries, which galaxy, please?
- We're searching for DFW709, we know he's headed to Starlight Galaxy. What's his location at the moment?
- It's... Oh, sorry but I'm not gonna tell you that.
- What the hell? Your job is to provide information so come on and tell us?
- No. I want him to be safe. Sorry but - no.


from Your No, released March 30, 2014




ANDROMEDA EYE Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

Andromeda Eye is a Ukrainian-Russian new-wave project with music rooted back in the 80s. Atmospheric and, at the same time, dance melodies and lyrics telling about flying into space, finding other worlds and travelling through dreams.
Nightchild A. (from Donetsk, Ukraine the NIGHTCHILD, SOCIOPHOBIA) - music
Marie Himmelsweit (from Moscow, Russia Puppet Lane) -lyrics, vocal
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