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The new album of Andromeda Eye band is all about space mysteries and wonders. Princesses from outer space, lonely travellers through the universe and its galaxies, inner voices telling stories about other worlds - all these mix with the retro-style music and take you back in the 80-s.


released March 30, 2014




ANDROMEDA EYE Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

Andromeda Eye is a Ukrainian-Russian new-wave project with music rooted back in the 80s. Atmospheric and, at the same time, dance melodies and lyrics telling about flying into space, finding other worlds and travelling through dreams.
Nightchild A. (from Donetsk, Ukraine the NIGHTCHILD, SOCIOPHOBIA) - music
Marie Himmelsweit (from Moscow, Russia Puppet Lane) -lyrics, vocal
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Track Name: To The Moon
Hide behind the window-sill
All your words're unspoken
Photograph your silver silk
Leave the windows broken
Leave the dancing winter wind
In your dark apartment
But when the silence catches you
It will grow much darker

Fly, fly to the moon
If nothing takes you higher
Fly, fly to the moon
Forgotten's your desire
Fly, fly to the moon
To the stars, to worlds unconquered
But don't you come back soon
Don't you come back any longer

I will run away from you
Every rainy Thursday
I will hide in glassy rooms
Till the spring is over
I will read the magazines
In the darkest corners
Cause with the gusts of winter winds
Something inside me has been torn
Track Name: Ursa Major
In the south hemisphere
In the north hemisphere
There's a big shining bear
White shining bear.
Lie in cold August air
Lie on the sand and stare
Up high you'll see out there
White shining bear.

If you go search the light
If you go on and fight
Sleep and stay up all night
You'll see it bright.
If you lose your way
If you end up astray
Don't hesitate - up there
You'll find it always there.

Dive up, high up in night sky
Give up,and somersault there
Climb up the starry stairs
Right to the shining bear.

Get imponderable
Turn where you want to sway and
Don't be afraid to say
What never has been said

Waves crash and slide and dangle
drops fly in different angles
Stars fall and rise like sea tide
There's just nowhere to hide

Space swirls, waves rise and fall
Dance goes just on and on
Don't yield to giddines
Look for your asterism

In the south hemisphere
In the north hemisphere
Up, down and everywhere
You'll find - it's always there

Big scoop of glowing stars
So close and yet so far
Keep up with meteors
You'll reach it and find more
Track Name: Forget
Through thousands of years I hear this voice
To thousands of places I belong
But nowhere I ever find a peace of mind
And so I move forward on and on
And there's nothing that helps me

I can hear this voice
Again and again
Through all these years
It says forget all hopes
Forget all dreams
Forget all fears.

I'm watching the sea but nothing more I feel
Except for the emptiness inside
I'm trying to catch a glimpse of what is real
But nothing I find
But nothing else I find.
Track Name: Lone Universe
Endless looking-glass
Right in front the mirror
In endless universe
Faces disappear

Endless tunnel goes
Turning spirals over
Endless way it shows
Warping - higher, lower

Lone-lone universe swirls
Lone-lone universe quickly widens
Lone-lone universe curls
Lone-lone universe goes in spirals

Lonely cosmonauts
There's no way to stop them
As they turn around
Some abandoned orbits

Stardust flies along
In the freezing darkness
Feeling so alone
In the endless silence

What's behind the edge?
Are there any edges?
Planets slowly change
Gratifying changes.

Lonely universe
Has so many questions
But it can't reverse
Turning through the ages.
Track Name: Ai
She fell from outer space
To save the human race
But she forgot her name
And so she had to start again.

She met a modest guy
Who helped her seek and hide.
But while she slept at night
Down came the monsters from the other side.

Princess Ai, princess Ai
She sets the world on fire
Princess Ai, princess Ai
She flies the city at night
Princess ai, princess Ai
Her voice just takes them higher.

She stepped out on the stage
And when she sang her rage
The hall was full of blood
And deadly birds were flying all around

But when she brought her light
At once she stopped the fight
She streamed the music from her hands
But had to set off to back to her land.

She was enslaved on Earth
She was enslaved since birth
But when she came back home
She was enslaved again and locked alone.

In gorgeous castle halls
She felt her inspiration fall
For flying were her wings
But she unlearned to use them and to sing
Track Name: Million Stars
After million years
We will all be stars
After million lives,
Million scars.
We will shine again,
We will love again,
We will never die
Die again.

Million stars, million lanterns
Millions eyes, million candles
Neon light quickly travels
Neon lives, neon heaven

Million years from now
We would all be stars
We would all be light
Turned to ice
We dissolve to dust
We've unlearned to trust
We were given hearts
But alas...
Track Name: Your No
- Directory Enquiries, which Galaxy, please?
- Starlight Galaxy 2785466
- It's 2045 light-years and the way is free right now.
- Thanks, I'm heading on then.

The closest ones, you know,
That make you feel alone
That make you feel yourself a fool
That make you feel your number's null.
The closest ones with weapons out
They like to give commands out loud
They make you insecure
You constantly endure

Your No is your engine
Your No is your fire
Your No makes them writhe
You kill their desire

Your No is your engine
Your No is your fire
Your No makes is your poison
You kill their desire

The farthest brightest stars
They died so long ago
They'll never give you scars
They don't need "yes" or "no"
The farthest silent skies
Embrace you with their winds
You look for paradise
It's where you lost your wings

- Directory Enquiries, which galaxy, please?
- We're searching for DFW709, we know he's headed to Starlight Galaxy. What's his location at the moment?
- It's... Oh, sorry but I'm not gonna tell you that.
- What the hell? Your job is to provide information so come on and tell us?
- No. I want him to be safe. Sorry but - no.